Coolberg was founded in 2016 by Pankaj and Yashika (A Husband Wife Duo)

Pankaj has been a teetotaller and do not consume alcohol but like to party a lot with his friends. Many of his friends used to drink beer and other liquor options, but Pankaj used to quietly order Energy Drink or Apple Juice. 

The secret was both the options looked like Beer in the glass and friends didn't pressurise to have alcohol further. He saved himself on many occasions. Bigger problem was there were not many options available for non drinkers and Pankaj definitely didn't want to order fancy looking mocktails served with an umbrella and a nice twisted straw.

Apple Juice


After Marriage in early 2016, Pankaj and Yashika went on to a trip to Australia and New Zealand. Same problem troubled Pankaj there as well in most of the clubs and restaurants and this is where they came across the option of non alcoholic beer. 

Pankaj immediately ordered Non Alcoholic Beer and fell in love with it instantly. This was the eureka moment when a bell rang in the minds of both and they decided to launch Non Alcoholic Beers in India, some 12,000 Kms away from home. 


Upon return to India, Both Pankaj and Yashika started working on the formulae and spent months over getting the recipe right and setting up the entire infrastructure required. 

After tremendous hard work, Coolberg was born and their vision of creating the category of Non Alcoholic Beer in India became a reality and is now on path to become a big success. 

Coolberg now sells not only in India but in several other countries as well like UAE, Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, etc. 

Coolberg aims to become a largest beverage company in India in the premium non alcoholic beverage industry. Coolberg family is already 300+ members strong and expanding fast. 

                Pankaj and Yashika Coolberg Founders